Meet our staff!

Dr. Burnett-Brown is a licensed marriage and family therapist who has 20 years as a public secondary school teacher as well as 10 years in post-secondary and graduate-level education. Dr. Burnett-Brown is a Desert Storm veteran who began her career as a therapist working with enlisted Navy and Marine patients at a military hospital.

Dr. Burnett-Brown chose marriage and family therapy as opposed to clinical psychology as she recognizes the impact of societal and family systems on mental health. 

Other areas of specialty: 

Dr. Burnett-Brown is a diversity and social justice educator as well as a certified autism spectrum disorder clinical specialist.

Dr. Burnett-Brown is currently offering supervision to MFT interns and graduates. 

"We do not see clients, we provide compassionate mental health care to our patients." Dr. BB 

Meleeze Ahmed is currently a graduate student at Syracuse University's marriage and family therapy program. Meleeze is in her practicum and internship under the supervision of Dr. Burnett-Brown in order to meet the requirements for graduation and clinical hours for licensure as a marriage and family therapist.